Windows 10: release date, price, news and features

Everything we know about the future of Windows

How are things looking for the latest Technical Preview build, #9879? Well, Windows 10 just pleased plenty of pirates, and is likely to get a voice – Cortana's voice. Scroll along to catch the most up-to-date info on Microsoft's next operating system!

Credit: | By Joe Osborne |  Nov 14

Nobody beats Microsoft productivity solutions.

Google takes a narrow approach, but Microsoft delivers a full-service productivity suite that meets all your business needs.


Cyber-Roach! Mic-Equipped Bugs Could Aid Disaster Rescue

Remote-controlled cyborg cockroaches could one day be among the first responders at disaster scenes to help locate survivors.

A team of researchers at North Carolina State University has created a swarm of cyborg cockroaches, nicknamed "biobots," that are equipped with microphones to pick up sounds and trace them to their sources. The researchers hope the biobots could one day be used in disaster-relief situations to locate survivors.

Credit: | Kelly Dickerson | Nov 07