We recently implemented a Google Business Migration from Microsoft Exchange for Comsol Wireless Solutions. The reason for the migration was simple, Google offered a much better archiving solution and Vault. Comsol now have the ability to use Google Drive, Google Apps, Keep email for at least 10 years in either an archive or vault at a fraction of the cost. And have their complete e-mail system in the cloud, which in case of total loss of Laptop you will wont loose one single e-mail.

These procedures were taken...

We migrated 360 GB directly from their Exchange server to Gmail. Apart from your mail directly on the Exchange server users always have pst file where their old e-mails are archived, for this we simply had the same solution, this was migrated to Gmail with different storage options for specific users. We uploaded 780 GB of archives in the form of pst’s.

The upload process was easy, Google has an easy to use migration tool which allows you do simultaneous uploads from separate servers. We setup 3 x servers from one location and installed the Google migration tool on all.

  • We collected all the users pst’s, ask them to keep their mail within Exchange to not loose mail copied to the archive in the delta period and used all 3 servers to upload 30 users at a time, we migrated 108 users.
  • While all the users was still working on Exchange, we uploaded their pst’s, this allowed them to have all their mail already migrated when they logged on for the first time. Luckily Comsol had a 30 mb connection to the internet and it took us about two months to upload 780 GB of email.  
  • After all the pst’s was uploaded we did started with our first migration directly from the Exchange, we uploaded all their mail from Exchange to a specific date.
  • Once all this was done, we only had the delta period to upload with their full contact and calendar lists.

We appointed Google champions in each department and provided them with training, they in turn had to go back and train their users in their departments. When it came to the point that the Google champions were unable to assist, they contacted us to assist.

We then had a cutover on a weekend and on Sunday morning everyone were unable to use their Outlook as we disconnected the Exchange. So this forced them to use their new Gmail accounts in both online and offline modes.

You keep your domain name for your business, in this case Comsol kept their domain and it was a simple switch of MX records to point he mail to the new Gmail servers with plenty of failovers.